first theme i completely coded myself! originally designed for brooklyntillwedie, now free to use. this theme is a redux of the one he has and excludes his font pack.

live preview | codehow to install

you can ask me questions and request functions here or here for a faster reply. (theme blog currently under construction)


  • 3 columns
  • toggle opacity hover effect
  • permalink and notes link at hover
  • toggle reblog button at hover
  • toggle photo enlarge animation at hover
  • 3 special title fonts
  • 5 blog fonts
  • dropdown menu with 5 custom menu items or toggle for a selection dropdown menu with 5 custom items
  • custom description that does not match your mobile description
  • uploadable sidebar & background image
  • changeable background, text and scrollbar color
  • custom favicon (comes with a nike logo favicon)
  • custom browser title

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